10 best MLB All-Star moments

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Reggie Jackson hits ball onto the roof of old Tiger Stadium in 1971 All-Star Game

“Swung on, and that ball is headed for Canada!” If I were the man announcing the game, I’d like to think that would have been my home run call of Reggie Jackson’s moonshot home run which landed in the light towers high above the playing surface at the old Tiger Stadium.

It wasn’t even the longest home run “Mr. October” would ever hit at Tiger Stadium—he’d go on to hit a ball out of the famous yard some 16 years later in 1987.

But given the moment—an All-Star Game—and the fact Jackson was pinch-hitting for pitcher (yes pitcher) Vida Blue, this has to go down as Jackson’s most famous non-postseason home run of his long and storied career.

This was, of course, way, way, way before anyone thought about performing enhancing drugs for even a second. Today if someone hit a ball that high and far we’d all just immediately assume the player in question is doping.

Today’s greatest power hitters—even Giancarlo Stanton, who hit a ball out of Dodger Stadium earlier this year—don’t generally hit balls as far nor bring as much rain on their home runs as Jackson did on this particular swing.

It wasn’t Jackson’s most important home run, or most impressive on a relative basis. And it wasn’t the only impressive home run in All-Star Game history. There have been many. But it was still one of the best moments in All-Star Game history.

It, however, does trail at least by one as the most dramatic home run hit in All-Star Game history.

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