10 best MLB All-Star moments

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Ted Williams, and other legends, honored at 1999 MLB All-Star Game in Fenway Park

From funny to sentimental and deeply touching we go. Seriously watching all seven-plus minutes of the video is worth it. If you watched this game live you likely remember having goosebumps. You’re probably getting goosebumps again if you accept the challenge to watch it again.

Part of what made this such a great moment is the fact there are legends all over the diamond—of baseball lore and then-present stars: Willie Mays is somewhere in there, same with George Brett, Frank Robinson and legends of the time: Ken Griffey, Jr. Mark McGwire, Cal Ripken, Jr. and most notably Tony Gwynn.

Yet with all the star power represented in the moment—and there are too many such stars to name—the elderly Williams absolutely was the star. He stole the show.

The greatest part is the obvious admiration and respect every All-Star shows Williams. While as much would be hoped for, it seems unlikely an occurrence of this magnitude would happen today, even just 16 years later.

Or imagine one of the stars from the ’99 game 30, 40 years from now being honored in their old ballpark. Will a bunch of young guns show them the same kind of respect? It seems doubtful. This was a one-of-a-kind moment.

It’s definitely one of the best moments we’ve ever seen at an All-Star Game.

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