Home Run Derby 2015: First Round Results


First round results for the 2015 Home Run Derby.

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The 2015 MLB Home Run Derby kicked off with a boom on Monday night, as some of the sport’s best bats rifled rocket shots all over the Great American Ballpark. With a new set of rules, contestants had to utilize a little strategy. Calling timeouts and pacing over four minutes added a fun, new dimension to the event.

Here’s a look at the results from Round 1.

1. Albert Pujols vs. 8. Kris Bryant

Kris Bryant came into the derby with the reputation of having a swing built for the Home Run Derby. Unfortunately, time worked against Bryant as his moonshot home runs took their fair share of time to land. The big Cubs third baseman finished the first round with nine dingers.

Meanwhile, the senior citizen of the even, Albert Pujols had his own difficulties getting things underway. El Hombre finally caught a rhythm in the last two minutes of his time. However, Pujols did what he’s best known for, hitting the walk-off home runs with just :01 left on the clock to take the round 10-9.

Round 1 Winner: Pujols

Home Run Total: 10

Round 2 opponent: Pederson

2. Todd Frazier vs. 7. Prince Fielder

Prince Fielder put on a show during his return to the Home Run Derby. The two-time champion used his violent swing to launch 13 home runs into the right and center field stands, quickly setting the pace for Todd Frazier.

However, the hometown favorite and the 2014 runner-up would not be denied. Frazier caught absolute fire int he final two minutes and used him bonus time to tally 14 bombs of his own to move forward.

Round 1 Winner: Frazier

Home Run Total: 14

Round 2 opponent: Donaldson

3. Josh Donaldson vs. 6. Anthony Rizzo

Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo had the unlucky draw of being the very first hitter of the night. While he performed admirably, hitting eight home runs in round one, it ended up being the the lowest total of any hitter on the evening.

Meanwhile, the rain that hung over the area would not be denied: Bringer of Rain that is. The Blue Jays third baseman with the weather-appropriate nickname hit nine home runs during his regulation time and opted to end his total after claiming the first round victory.

Round 1 Winner:Donaldson

Home Run Total: 9

Round 2 opponent: Frazier

4. Joc Pederson vs. 5. Manny Machado

In matching up Joc Pederson and Manny Machado, we had a match-up between two of the top young players in all of baseball. Unfortunately, it was skewed just a bit unfair for Manny Machado.

Machado put on a solid show himself, hitting 12 solid home runs on a swing built for line drives. However, it wasn’t going to stand up against Pederson, who came into the Derby with highest average distance of home runs of the contestants.

True enough, Great American Ballpark had difficulty holding Pederson at bay. In hitting 13 home runs to claim the match-up, Pederson did so with a full minute of time left in regulation and was the only player to not use his bonus time.

Round 1 Winner:Pederson

Home Run Total: 13

Round 2 opponent: Pujols

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