Andrew McCutchen nails impression of Tim Kurkjian (Video)


Baseball players love to impersonate ESPN reporter Tim Kurkjian, and Andrew McCutchen may have turned in the best yet. 

The Pittsburgh Pirates are rising in the National League and are one of the most exciting teams in baseball to watch. They’re less than three games behind the Cardinals in the NL Central and have an almost six game lead in the Wild Card. One of the most well known players for the Pirates is their All-Star outfielder Andrew McCutchen.

Not only is McCutchen a talented player who can hit with the best of them and doubles as a solid defender, he’s an expert impressionist as well.

To celebrate the All-Star Game, let’s take a look back to a few days ago when Pirates All-Star Andrew McCutchen nailed his impression of ESPN reporter Tim Kurkjian.

Tim Kurkjian is a polarizing figure in some baseball circles, but he’s the ambassador for the sport at ESPN and he’s the figurehead behind their coverage. He’s getting a bigger and bigger role at the Mothership, and the more identifiable he is the more were going to see things like this where baseball players accept him as one of their own by trolling his goofy, cracked voice.

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