Pete Rose receives standing ovation at 2015 MLB All-Star Game (Video)


Pete Rose took the field on Tuesday night before the fans in Cincinnati and the reaction was about as nice as you could imagine

Tuesday night we’re getting treated to the 2015 edition of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. But for as much attention the actual game itself is receiving, most people were more interested in Pete Rose making a rare appearance in the public eye.

As we’ve seen recently, MLB is getting a little more lenient with their treatment of Rose, who as we all know by now is banned from the Hall of Fame due to his gambling transgressions in the past. However, on this night in Cincinnati, Rose was able to take in the love from the crowd in attendance.

Prior to the game getting underway, the Franchise Four for every team was announced, and as you’d imagine, there is no way that you can leave Rose off that list when it comes to the Cincinnati Reds. He was allowed on the field and the ovation was tremendous from the fans that still adore him to this day.

For those that are of the belief that Rose is getting a raw deal, this was exactly the type of moment they were looking for and have been looking for, for quite some time now.

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