Seth Rollins rips WWE fans on Twitter


Seth Rollins is living up his role in the WWE, and took to Twitter to bash fans who are upset that he is keeping the title away from Brock Lesnar.

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This Sunday will see WWE Battleground take place, but current champion Seth Rollins isn’t waiting until then to get his licks in on those who stand against him. Not everyone was happy that the heel won control of the WWE belt this year, and someone is going to try and take it from him this weekend.

Rollins may not be a WWE hero, but he’s someone who is preaching some pseudo-truth on Twitter. The champion took to social media to rip into fans who can’t decide who they want the WWE champion to be, a direct response to the cries for Brock Lesnar to reclaim his crown.

You wouldn’t expect anything else out of Rollins, and this Sunday’s Battleground event should be even more interesting than it already was shaping up to be.

Rollins may be playing up his role, but his point is actually more true than you might give it credit for. This sentiment of never being content with a champion is true across all sports, as fans are never happy until they get what they want — and that happiness only lasts so long.

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