WWE Battleground 2015: Twitter reactions to John Cena beating Kevin Owens

Credit: WWE (Twitter)
Credit: WWE (Twitter) /

John Cena beat Kevin Owens at WWE Battleground and the internet was none too pleased by the outcome.

John Cena and Kevin Owens met for their third monstrous match at WWE Battleground. As the rubber match in their series and with the United States Championship on the line, many people believed this would be the perfect time for Owens to go over Cena and continue to grow his star on the main roster.

That’s not what happened.

Despite what was ultimately another classic match between the two superstars, it was Cena who came out the victor. He forced Owens to tap out to the STF in the middle of the ring and retain the United States Championship.

As you might expect, people were less than pleased with how the match went. Some people weren’t even upset at Cena winning, just more with how he won. This pretty much summed up the match up to the finish:

And then the STF and a tap out ended it. In addition, it doesn’t help that Cena still isn’t great at putting on one of his signature moves in the STF:

As always, though, there were plenty of complaints regarding Cena winning and burying another young guy who could have used the rub of beating him and winning the title:

As always, the internet comes through in roasting WWE for backing Cena way too much. I guess there’s only one question left to ask.

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