Jordan Spieth shames fans for flashing their cell phones (Video)

The British Open is well underway this weekend, but Jordan Spieth doesn’t have time for you or your noisy cell phone. 

You don’t get two major PGA tour wins in a year by letting things distract you. That’s where American golfer Jordan Spieth is as he tries to win his third major this year by capturing at title at the British Open this weekend.

He started his third round well out of the lead, but birdied three straight holes to jump to 10-under par and grab hold a share of the lead. One way that Spieth did that was by focusing all of his attention on where his shot will go and placing it there with precision that requires the utmost silence to exist in.

What this means is — turn off your cell phone, people. If you don’t, Jordan Spieth will shame you.

Golf has always been a quiet game, but this day and age of cell phone use and the constant stream of selfies and Instagram photos that pour out of every major event in the world has made keeping golf quiet a problem.

Spieth can’t be blamed for wanting people to shut the hell up when he’s trying to golf. It’s a game of concentration, and just like how Spieth doesn’t come to your work and snap pictures of you when you’re giving a huge presentation, you shouldn’t break his concentration at the British Open.

Of course, it you do then expect to be called out and shamed by Spieth and his caddy.