Steve Weatherford continues to be insanely jacked (Photo)


Steve Weatherford may be an NFL punter, but he can still probably snap you like a twig over his punting knee. 

In football, kickers and punters are the lowest of the low on the totem pole of important people. You don’t see them walking around with model girlfriends and getting invited to music award shows. They’re as nerdy and geeky as football players are allowed to be without being outcast to the world outside of football.

Heck, it’s taken almost the entire existence of the sport up to this point to get a punter or kicker into the Hall of Fame, so to say they’re passed over in the athletic community is an understatement.

New York Giants punter is literally smashing that stereotype by being the most jacked up human being he possibly can be.

On his Instagram account, Weatherford continued to be the anti-punter we all have come to love, showing off his guns that will make you

Weather ford is proving that punters are people too — something that Chris Kluwe kind of did in his day but did so while playing into some of the stereotypes he was fighting against.

But where Kluwe was looking for equal opportunity for punter, Weatherford is just looking to kick your ass.

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