Scottie Pippen responds to Shaq’s Lakers vs Bulls claims


Scottie Pippen had a little something to say about Shaq’s recent claims that the all-time Lakers would take care of the all-time Bulls

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Sometimes there really is nothing better than an all-time basketball debate, and none other than Shaq himself recently stirred up a pretty good one.

On his Instagram account recently, Shaq made the claim that a team comprised of all-time Los Angeles Lakers would defeat a team of all-time Chicago Bulls of they were ever able to take the court with one another.

If you missed the dig, take a look.

Oh, you wanted a response there, Shaq? Well don’t worry, because one of those all-time Bulls, Scottie Pippen, has a response for you if you would really like one.

Well, while it doesn’t completely touch on the argument here, Mr. Pippen does bring up a pretty valid point. As a matter of fact, whenever anyone wants to talk about the Bulls in any fashion on history, generally the six rings argument gets brought up. Some people like it and some don’t, but the truth of the matter is that there is some validity and weight to it.

Again, there’s not a lot more fun than a good NBA argument such as this, and with the league currently in idle mode for the next few months, this is a pretty fun discussion to have to pass the time.

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