WWE RAW: Undertaker, Brock Lesnar need entire roster to be separated (Video)

Credit: Summerslam (Twitter)
Credit: Summerslam (Twitter) /

The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar got into a brawl that needed the entire WWE roster to separate the two.

After The Undertaker opened the July 20 episode of WWE Monday Night RAW by essentially announcing the main event of Summerslam would be him against Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman later came out to deliver Lesnar’s response. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon had banned Lesnar from the building in fear of how he would respond to Taker.

It’s safe to say that those fears were warranted.

As Heyman talked in the ring about how Lesnar would beat Undertaker once again at Summerslam, the gong sounded and out came Undertaker. The Deadman then backed Heyman into a corner:

That’s when Lesnar’s music hit and he came down to the ring like he was shot out of a cannon. There was no time wasted after that as he and Taker quickly made things physical with one another:

As you might expect, security members were unable to keep the two heavyweights apart from one another as they brawled in the ring. That’s when the entire WWE roster was sent down to the ring to try and keep the two separated. Even then, the two couldn’t be kept apart:

After they somehow got Lesnar up the ramp and backstage, it seemed as if everything was smoothed out for now. That was an incorrect assumption as the two men continued to go at it backstage:

Lesnar was then backed into a corner by the roster and police, where he was then restrained and led away:

If this is what we are going to get all the way leading up to and at Summerslam, there isn’t a word for the level of excitement I’m feeling.

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