Fantasy Football: Top 50 WRs (31-40)


Fantasy Football: Top 50 WRs (31-40)

One of the things that I learned while doing this list is that I believe that WR will be a little deeper than usual. I always love to play fantasy football, but I particularly enjoy PPR leagues where WRs get that extra boost of a half-point to a point per reception. This list will lean a little bit more for standard scoring leagues, but typically when you are talking about wide receivers there are only a few that stand out in PPR leagues.

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Let us jump into the next section of this top 50 list and see who our 31-40 ranked WRs are.

40. Torrey Smith: I have put Smith in here simply because of his upside. The guy has plenty of speed and talent and should be able to get loose for a few scores. I actually think that he could be decent with Colin Kaepernick as he does have some decent arm strength and should be able to toss it up and let Smith run underneath it.

39. John Brown: Brown and Carson Palmer have been working extremely hard this off-season to develop even more chemistry than what they had last season. There is a great chance that Brown could wind up being the best WR on the Cardinals roster and I mean that as more of a compliment to Browns potential than as a shot to Larry Fitzgerald.

38. Steve Smith Sr.: Smith came out and played angry football in an effort to prove to his old team, the Panthers, that he was not finished. He had a pretty good fantasy season and rewarded those who took a shot on him. I am not so sure that this year will reap similar results, but you could do a lot worse than taking a late-round flier on the proven veteran.

37. Kevin White: This talented WR could be finding his way down this list very soon. Word has it that White is fighting for the WR4 spot on the Bears team which would leave him pretty fantasy irrelevant. That could just be motivational, but it could also ring true. Tread carefully with White.

36. Mike Wallace: The player we all used to call 60 Minutes could be returning to an NFL stadium near you this fall. I just kind of have a gut feeling that Wallace could be in store for a season like what he used to have back with the Steelers some years ago. For Wallace it could depend on how well Teddy Bridgewater develops this year, but if he does mature and Adrian Peterson comes in ready to work hard it should equal fantasy success for Wallace.

35. Victor Cruz: Here is another player who I think should have a season more like what we are used to. Many people are burying Cruz a little bit too early after the emergence of Odell Beckham Jr., but I believe this death is a bit premature. Consider taking a flier on Cruz and hope that Eli Manning can spread the ball around enough to make them both fantasy worthy.

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  • 34. Larry Fitzgerald: Fitzgerald has always been one of my favorite players in the NFL. I love everything about him, his work ethic, his faith and his athletic ability. I can only imagine how good Fitzgerald would have been had Kurt Warner stuck around and played a few more seasons. At any rate I am hoping that Palmer can stay healthy and give Fitzgerald a nice season this year.

    33. Martavis Bryant: All of the hype out of the Steelers camp on Bryant has been positive. I know that is what we are accustomed to hearing, but this is another guy who will likely be on my radar for this season. With his size and his connection with Ben Roethlisberger we can expect him to have a pretty decent season and possibly even a breakout type of season.

    32. Marques Colston: Colston has certainly started to decline physically in a pretty big way, but if you can manage seeing him on the injury report and deal with the occasional game that he will sit out then you could have a pretty solid WR3 for your fantasy squad. Cooks is the guy to own in New Orleans, but Colston should see plenty of red-zone targets especially with Jimmy Graham shipped to Seattle.

    31. Allen Robinson: Robinson has the chance to be Jacksonville’s firs WR with a 1,000 yard season since 2005. That is a pretty long dry spell. He will need Blake Bortles to step up to the challenge, but I believe he has the tools to do so. Robinson has a pretty high fantasy ceiling if Bortles plays up to his expectations things could look a little brighter for the Jaguars than they have in years past.

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