Shaq absolutely devastates Scottie Pippen (photo)


Shaquille O’Neal is destroying Scottie Pippen. Shaq started this whole flame war on Monday when he posted a picture to Instagram of the Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls, showcasing the top five players for each franchise. O’Neal claimed the Lakers would win by 50 points in a game, something Pippen objected to because of Michael Jordan.

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O’Neal then responded by telling Pippen that Ron Harper and Steve Kerr were more important to Chicago’s championships, followed by mocking Pippen as a sidekick and calling him “Scottina.” Then, O’Neal took aim at Pippen one more time, ruining him.

I don’t know what is better. O’Neal’s photoshopping of Pippen onto a fiddle, or calling him a chumpion. Either way, it shows why O’Neal is such an epic personality. Pippen was a great player and deserves his spot in the Hall of Fame. However, he was not winning a title without Jordan during the 1990’s. The year Jordan was not around in the playoffs, the New York Knicks defeated Chicago in the Eastern Conference semifinals. Perhaps Shaq has a point.

Meanwhile, O’Neal won four championships with the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat, playing the role of lead dog in the first three with the Lakers. Pippen needs to just delete his Instagram account and go into hiding after this beating.