Bill Simmons to host weekly television show on HBO

Credit: ESPN
Credit: ESPN /

Bill Simmons has found a new home to express his views on and it might be the best place for him

Ever since Bill Simmons and ESPN decided to part ways, everyone has been wondering where his next venture would take him. The popular opinion among some was that he may end up at rival FOX Sports 1, while others threw out the idea that possibly HBO would be the best place for him.

Well, it was the latter that won out in the end.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch, Simmons will soon be hosting a weekly television show on HBO, which is probably one of the best choices that could have been made.

HBO is the best place for Simmons because that’s the best platform for him to really express his views and get the most out of them. Sure, Simmons had some controversial moments while at ESPN, but working for the Worldwide Leader, his hands were still tied a bit. Of course, just like any other media outlet, he’ll have his limits at HBO, but they’ll be nothing like they were at ESPN.

Just to spite ESPN, FOX Sports 1 might have let him go just a little further, but not to the effect that HBO will let him in regards to dropping his views and opinions on a variety of topics.

Again, in the end this is probably the best decision and move that could have been made for all parties.

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