Everyone wanted to know where Carli Lloyd was when USMNT lost to Jamaica


The USMNT failed to beat Jamaica in the Gold Cup, and everyone had the Carli Lloyd jokes for days. 

The héros of the USWNT in the World Cup this year was Carli Lloyd, who used two fantastic goals to get the Americans past Germany in the semifinal match. Since then, she’s become an icon of American soccer, one that we call upon when we need to remind ourselves that we’re not as bad at soccer as we all think.

While the USWNT is a point of pride for the country, the USMNT is a constant reminder that men aren’t always better than women at sports. In fact, they’re much worse and haven’t won anything of note in a very long time. That pain of losing and being awful at soccer was brought up in the Gold Cup match against Jamaica on Wednesday.

After the USMNT lost, almost in unison, everyone made the exact same Carli Lloyd would have scored joke on Twitter.

Sure, it’s a tired joke — but it’s true. 

It might be an unoriginal joke, but any chance we get to remind ourselves that women aren’t inferior to men in the sports world is a chance we need to embrace.

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