Lakers press conference gets super awkward when Kobe is mentioned (Video)


The Los Angeles Lakers are a mess, and Kobe Bryant is doing nothing to fix it — something confirmed in awkward silence on Wednesday. 

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Kobe Bryant has barely played any basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers over the last two years, yet he’s made more money than most players his age have made in the last five. Kobe’s ridiculous $40 million salary over two years was laughable at best and it became a sticking point for hating the new Buss regime in L.A.

This summer saw some push back though, as Jim Buss stated Kobe Bryant won’t be back with the team in 2016-17 and he wasn’t in the thought process of who the Lakers will draft. That was basically the Buss family saying the Lakers were Kobe’s team but aren’t anymore.

Kobe can take a hint, and if the he’s not wanted then he’s not even going to try.

Things got a little awkward when the new Lakers additions were asked what Kobe said to them when they arrived to the team.

Spoiler alert: he said nothing.

You can’t be that surprised that Kobe Bryant isn’t welcoming in Lou Williams, Roy Hibbert and others to a team he’s probably not going to be playing on next season. Kobe received a $40 million donation from the Buss family to take an extended vacation overseas last year and has been cut out of the decision making process by management.

Simply put, this isn’t Kobe’s team anymore and he knows it. He might want it to still be his team, but it’s clear that if the Buss family wants to cut him out, he’s going to honor that wish.

Then again, Kobe has always been salty and anti-social so this is probably normal behavior from the future Hall of Famer.

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