Yunel Escobar completely loses control after strike vs Noah Syndergaard (Video)


No one really knows what happened to Yunel Escobar at the plate here, but it caused an injury that made him leave the game

UPDATE: Escobar apparently suffered a wrist injury on the play, according to

In a nice little afternoon game on Wednesday, the Washington Nationals are taking on the New York Mets, and well, things happened to get a little weird. In particular, Yunel Escobar had one of the strangest moments that we have seen in Major League Baseball all year long.

Escobar was at the plate in the second inning facing Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard and he was at a 1-1 count. On the next pitch, Syndergaard came inside with one, and what happened next is where things get really weird and confusing.

For whatever reason, Escobar was completely fooled by the pitch and he decided initially that he was going to take a stab at it. Then, this happened…

Escobar just kinda got frozen in time there. He appears to have strained something, possibly in the right leg area. There wasn’t an immediate update available, but hopefully all is well.

On TV the pitch didn’t look all that deadly, although we’re not the ones at the plate so we have no idea what the movement of the ball was like. Escobar would leave the game with an injury.

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