Hank Azaria calls baseball highlights as classic Simpsons characters (Video)


Two tried and true institutions in America are The Simpsons and baseball — and Hank Azaria has brought them both together in brilliant fashion.

We’re nearing the MLB trade deadline and that means baseball is going to be in the headlines like it hasn’t been all year long. The trade deadline singles the true start of the final stretch of the season and the push for the postseason. Frankly, baseball is finally getting interesting and we aren’t bored talking about it.

Something that helps make baseball more interesting is when we can splice pop culture in there. That’s what Hank Azaria has done by calling baseball highlights using The Simpsons to spice things up a little.

Words don’t do it justice, as Hank Azaria calls baseball highlights using his classic Simpsons characters to do so.

While it’s true that The Simpsons haven’t been good in years, it’s always good to harken back to the glory days of the show and Azaria was a huge part of that. In the early 90s, Azaria and The Simpsons were at the center of pop culture and there wasn’t a show more popular in its time. Other shows would come along after The Simpsons but in its day, the show was some of the best social satire out there.

Baseball and The Simpsons have both grown a bit stale over the years, but when you put the two together, it reminds you of how entertaining they can both be.

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