Japanese high school baseball player is a ninja with a bat (Video)


This Japanese high school baseball player has quite possibly the best warm-up routine at the plate that you’ve ever seen

The sport of baseball is full of weird traditions and rituals. In particular, every single hitter that goes to the plate generally has their own warm-up routine that they just can’t or won’t break out of. We’ve seen some strange ones over the years, but we’ve never seen anything as strange –or as awesome–  as this.

This Japanese high school baseball player you’re about to see probably trumps any ritual that anyone has ever had while standing inside a batter’s box and waiting for a pitch.

Basically, when he’s getting ready to try and pull in a hit, he transforms into one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and gives everyone a show with his ninja routine with the stick.

You just can’t stop watching it, can you? It’s like while he’s doing this, you fall into some sort of hypnotic trance and you can’t look away.

Now in Major League Baseball this is probably something that would be outlawed in a hurry because, you know, baseball doesn’t like fun a lot of the times. This…this is about the most fun that someone can have in a baseball game with the bat in their hands.

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