The Big Show isn’t much a fan of seeing John Cena nude in ‘Trainwreck’


John Cena gets pretty naked during his appearance in “Trainwreck” and The Big Show doesn’t seem to like it at all

Last weekend Trainwreck opened up and it opened up to some pretty rave reviews. There’s really no surprise there, because having seen it myself, I can say that there were a lot of funny moments. One of the funniest scenes may have actually been the sex scene between WWE superstar John Cena and Amy Schumer. Cena absolutely nailed it in the scene and was actually pretty hilarious.

Aside from being funny, one of the things that people will also remember about the scene is that you see Cena really, really naked — especially from the front side at the end of the scene.

Well, this doesn’t seem to be sitting all too well with his WWE running mate, the Big Show.

TMZ cameras caught up with Big Show recently and his reaction to the scene was pretty priceless.

While admitting that he’s seen Cena naked a lot in the locker room, seeing that much of his buddy in the movie after the sex scene seems like it’s a little too much for him to handle, which you can’t really blame him or any other guy for saying.

Let’s all now just hope that Big Show doesn’t get a scene like that of his own in the next movie that he does.

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