WWE Rumors: Leo Kruger joining the Wyatt Family?

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We may see a new addition to the Wyatt Family soon and it might be none other than Leo Kruger, a character that people have been clamoring for

For about the past week now there have been rumors about Sting making his WWE return to feud with Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family. However, the only problem with that his been that with Dean Ambrose already teaming up with Roman Reigns, and with there not being a third member of the Wyatt Family present, this doesn’t make a;; that much sense.

Well, it might all make sense soon and it we could all see the reincarnation of Leo Kruger.

We’ve heard some whispers lately that the Adam Rose character might be dropped and he could be returning to the Leo Kruger character. Well, the man himself is starting to maybe allude to this on social media recently. Monday, right before RAW is set to go on the air, he did it again.

There’s been speculation for weeks that this might be happening, and with the posts from Rose himself recently, this might be something that will come to fruition.

Whether or not this happens on Monday’s RAW remains to be seen, but it’s definitely a possibility when you look at all the pieces here.

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