Mason Plumlee now has a verse on a rap song (Video)

Credit: Complex (YouTube)
Credit: Complex (YouTube) /

Trail Blazers big man Mason Plumlee is now a part of the rap game

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Mason Plumlee has impressed during his first two NBA seasons as a member of the Brooklyn Nets. Now a member of the Portland Trail Blazers, Plumlee should have a bigger role to show his talents on the basketball court this season. During the offseason, he’s been trying his talents out in avenues other than the hardwood.

Plumlee grabbed the mic this summer to be on a rap song with Will Roush. You may remember Roush as the guy who boasted paying $4,500 for seats by the glass at a New York Rangers game. Well now he has a song about having that $4,500 called—you guessed it—“4500.” Plumlee has the last verse on the song, which starts at 2:17 if you want to fast forward:

Is it the worst thing ears have ever heard? Not even close. However, Plumlee may want to keep rapping as just a hobby and stick to earning his money on the court. Lines like “I smash on my last song/Look I don’t rap, but when in Rome” don’t exactly spell out a promising rap career. Good thing he has the Trail Blazers and basketball to fall back on.

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