Victor Oladipo posterizes Marcellus Wiley on SportsNation (Video)


Marcellus Wiley really needs to stop letting people dunk on him on national television, this time it was Victor Oladipo

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Earlier this summer we got a pretty hilarious moment when Minnesota Timberwolves star Zach LaVine appeared on SportsNation and dunked all over former NFL star Marcellus Wiley. It was a pretty embarrassing moment for the former defensive end, so you’d think he’d learn his lesson about letting people slam all over him.

Well, apparently that was a lesson that wasn’t learned.

Wednesday the SportsNation crew got a visit from another young, rising star, the Orlando Magic’s Victor Oladipo. Well, Wiley must have thought that he could come out on the fortunate end this time, because he let Oladipo get his chance.

Things…yeah, they worked out horribly for Wiley once again. He got posterized.

You see, now, someone really needs to sit down with Wiley and explain to him that this is not really a good idea. He needs to not really let this happen to himself anymore.

To that point, though, maybe he shouldn’t be told to stop. It’s actually pretty entertaining watching the once ferocious NFL defensive player get embarrassed by these young NBA studs.

Let’s get LeBron James on there and really make things interesting.

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