NBA: Each team’s best starting five of all-time

General overall view of a Spalding official NBA basketball - Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
General overall view of a Spalding official NBA basketball - Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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Southwest. Western Conference. Detroit Pistons. 9. player. 64. <p>The Bad Boys came to define an era in basketball, as the last 80s Pistons were not a team to mess with. Beyond that iconic group of misfits, the Pistons have had other Hall of Fame players contribute to their success over the years, including a few very un-Bady Boy style players.</p> <p>It’s been an eclectic mix of Pistons greats to put on a uniform in Detroit, and it’s not until you cobble them together that you see how impressive the history really is.</p> <p><span style=

PG. He was the baddest of the Bad Boys and he’s still as hated in the NBA as he’s loved in Detroit. But all you need to do is look no further than Thomas playing in the NBA Finals with a destroyed ankle and still playing like a champ to know he belongs on the all-time roster. He’s not someone you love if he’s on the other bench, but Pistons fans will fight to the death to have him on their all-time roster because they know he’ll fight to the death on the court.. Point Guard. Detroit Pistons. ISIAH THOMAS

SG. Jerry Stackhouse wasn’t a part of the Bad Boy era, and he was unfortunately part of the lull era that followed. Still, he was as productive as anyone during his time and was a huge piece of keeping the Pistons as afloat as they could have been in the 1990s. Putting him in a lineup with Isiah and Dennis Rodman would not only give us a look at what Steakhouse would have done with the Bad Boys but would give the Pistons an even more complete all-time roster.. Shooting Guard. Detroit Pistons. JERRY STACKHOUSE

GRANT HILL. SF. Just like Jerry Steakhouse, Grant Hill was unfortunately not part of a winning culture with the Pistons in the 90s, but he brought as much prestige and prowess as he could.The Pistons made the postseason a handful of times with Grant but he never had the roster to get out of the first-round. Put him with Steakhouse, Isiah, Rodman and Lanier and all of a sudden Detroit is a force to be reckoned with.. Small Forward. Detroit Pistons

PF. He became a bonafide Hall of Famer with the Bulls in the mid-90s, but he became ‘The Worm’ with the Pistons and the Bad Boys. It’s where he learned his craft, and having him in a lineup with the all-time greats in Detroit’s history doesn’t only make sense but it might give the Pistons the version of Rodman the Bulls saw and had so much success with during his time there.. Power Forward. Detroit Pistons. DENNIS RODMAN

C. A case could be made for Bill Lambier to assume this role, but there is really no topping Bob Lanier and his defensive prowess. Not only could Lanier rebound like the best of them — something that would go well with Rodman in the frontcourt — but he could score as well which further adds to the firepower this all-time Pistons roster is already boasting. He fits so well with the lineup, it’s no surprise he’s an all-time great for Detroit.. Center. Detroit Pistons. BOB LANIER

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