NBA: Each team’s best starting five of all-time

General overall view of a Spalding official NBA basketball - Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
General overall view of a Spalding official NBA basketball - Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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PG. It’s a toss up when it comes to who the best point guard for the Blazers is, from Terry Porter to Damien Lillard. But if there’s a safe bet, it <em>might</em> be Rod Strickland. He was a big part of the Blazers roster in his day, and he’s fit to lead the Blazers all-time lineup of stars. . Point Guard. Portland Trail Blazers. ROD STRICKLAND

SG. Putting Clyde Drexler in an all-time lineup of Blazers stars makes a lot of sense. Not only was he a superstar in his prime, but he is a prefect compliment for what the team would throw out. It’s not a lineup that will take down the Lakers or Bulls, but it’s far from the worst lineup ever.. Shooting Guard. Portland Trail Blazers. CLYDE DREXLER

Portland Trail Blazers. KIKI VANDEWEGHE. SF. You can’t have an all-time lineup without having the guy who owns the highest points per game average somewhere in there. Vandeweghe is that guy, averaging over 20 points per game with the Blazers over the course of his career and having that production in the frontcourt is crucial.. Small Forward

RASHEED WALLACE. PF. When Rasheed Wallace was at his prime, he was a mean machine who could not only produce defensively but electrify the attitude of the roster. He was always great at being the bad guy, but he backed it up with really solid play, something the Blazers need in their all-time lineup.. Power Forward. Portland Trail Blazers

C. When he’s not tripped out of his mind on ‘shrooms or whatever, Walton was a damn fine basketball player and we tend to forget that when he’s saying weird hippie things during his commentary. The Blazers don’t have the best all-time roster, but Walton would anchor a pretty decent frontcourt that could contend with the best and possibly pull off an upset or two.. Center. Portland Trail Blazers. BILL WALTON

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