Matt Kenseth wins Windows 10 400: 5 things learned

Nov 1, 2014; Fort Worth, TX, USA; NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Matt Kenseth (20) during practice for the AAA Texas 500 at Texas Motor Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Nov 1, 2014; Fort Worth, TX, USA; NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Matt Kenseth (20) during practice for the AAA Texas 500 at Texas Motor Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports /

On a caution-filled day, Matt Kenseth came out on top at the Windows 10 400 at Pocono Raceway.

Words can’t even begin to describe the day that was the Windows 10 400 at Pocono Raceway. For the first 100 laps, it didn’t seem like there were any stretches of green flag-racing as cautions seemed to rule early on. It all got started off early as Kasey Kahne took out pit road and the red flag came out.

Not long after, Kevin Harvick, a race favorite blew an engine, and he loaded up the hauler and got out of town. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kurt Busch had their bouts with spinning out on the track, and fell back, while drivers that are struggling such as Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Sam Hornish Jr., struggled to keep their car from wrecking.

When it came to mastering “The Tricky Triangle,” it was two drivers that stood the test of the track and answered the challenge. It was the two drivers that have been battling all summer for wins, Joey Logano and Kyle Busch. Each driver raced each other yet again for the win, after doing so at Kentucky, New Hampshire and Indianapolis.

Logano led for most of the way down the stretch and ran out of gas as he was one of the final victims at Pocono Raceway. Then it looked like Kyle Busch was going to win the race, and he then ran out of gas, which allowed his teammate Matt Kenseth picked up the win as he passed his teammate Busch who was out of gas.

For Busch, he dropped out of the top-30 in points, and now he has to race like hell to get back into contention to make “The Chase.”

With a destructive day at the track over, here are five things learned.

1. Cautions ruled the day

Through 72 laps, there were seven cautions. On the day, it was an absolute demolition derby on the track at Pocono Raceway. With just 30 laps complete, several race favorites already had their fate sealed by “The Tricky Triangle.” First it was Kasey Kahne smashing into the barrier, and then it was Kevin Harvick who blew engine.

All day, drivers that could be considered favorites were having struggles on the track. Even Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kurt Busch went for rides of their own as both spun out and suffered as a result.

Everyone knows that Pocono is one of the toughest race tracks to drive on. The fact that it was the veteran drivers being taken off the track left and right is telling of just how difficult of a race it really is.

2. Kyle Busch falls short

Kyle Busch looked like he was going to be content with finishing second behind Joey Logano at the Windows 10 400. Looking big picture, Busch was low on fuel, so not pushing it and remaining second would keep Busch in the top-30 and allow him to have a spot in “The Chase.”

Then Logano ran out of fuel, and Busch suddenly had almost no fuel but a 16-second lead on the rest of the pack. It looked like he was going to coast to the finish, but he ran out of fuel and his teammate Matt Kenseth passed him for the win and his second of the season.

Busch fell to 20th and now falls out of the top-30 in points. It’s a sad way for his race to end, but now Busch has to pick up as many high finishes as possible with just five races left before postseason racing begins. There exists the possibility that after four wins, Kyle Busch might not be competing for a championship.

3. Joey Logano falls short too

Another victim of the fuel race at Pocono, Joey Logano watched the race get taken away from him as he ran out of gas. Looking like he was going to finally beat Kyle Busch, after losing to him at Kentucky, New Hampshire and Indianapolis, Logano watched Busch pass him as he ran out of gas.

Busch would run out of gas, and lose to Matt Kenseth, but for Logano, he wanted his second win of the season and now he leaves Pocono knowing that it was fuel that cost him a win. For a young driver, it will be interesting to see how he bounces back from this.

He’s already got his spot in, but he has to be disappointed with that finish.

4. Brad Keselowski has trouble with pit road

No one struggles in the pits more than Brad Keselowski it seems. After several incidents down pit road earlier in the season that left Keselowski penalized for leaving equipment strewn about thanks to his car tossing equipment, he had another incident at Pocono.

As Keselowski was coming in for a scheduled pit stop, his brakes locked up and he flew right into his crew members, which sent the jackman flying through the air, and the jack almost crushed his head as a result.

Luckily it missed and everyone was okay as a result of the scary scene, but Keselowski was penalized as a loose tire went rolling down pit road, and once again Keselowski felt the wrath of a bad pit stop.

5. The race for the last few spots for “The Chase” is tightening

With Kyle Busch likely to soon be jumping into the top-30 in points, that means there will be one less spot available for drivers looking to make it in on points. With next week’s race being a road race, and the odds of a new winner being much greater, then there is a chance that another spot will come off the board.

At this point, it’s going to come down to five guys fighting for most likely three spots, and on Sunday, a couple really had their chances take a hit. With Kasey Kahne wrecking early on, and Clint Bowyer coming down pit road when he wasn’t supposed to, both drivers took a huge hit in the points, and both saw the battle for the last spot flip flop back and forth between both drivers.

However, there is a very real possibility that spot might not even be in existence soon. It’s time for these drivers to step up and pick up a victory soon, or there will be no postseason run starting in September.

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