Fantasy Football: Is Andre Ellington Being Undervalued?


Is Andre Ellington Being Undervalued?

There was a lot of hype surrounding Andre Ellington coming into 2014 fantasy football drafts. Last year he was a top 20 back in ESPN standard leagues and that was with him missing the last three games and minimal touches in two of the games he played in.

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This year Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians has indicated that he would like to get Ellington 20 touches a game and that a good portion of those could be receptions. That will certainly make Ellington a very appealing PPR league target. Currently Ellington is the 22nd back off of the board on leagues. To me that does not make a lot of sense. I think if you can draft Ellington there you are going to be in for a steal.

With the speed and quickness of Ellington we have the potential for RB1 upside. I know that is what most of us drafted him on and was disappointed last year. Sometimes second chances are good and can pay off. I really think that worse case scenario you are getting a back that will easily produce as a top 22 back and most likely has the upside of a top ten back when healthy.

Arians seems to be committed to getting Ellington the ball and getting it to him in space. A playmaker like Ellington needs to get the ball where he has a chance to do something special with it and I believe that will be the Cardinals goal for this year. If these things take place and you draft Ellington at 22 you are going to be in a place to have a very successful fantasy football season. That is the gamble though, and there are so many things that no one can predict.

If we all had crystal balls I could tell you how Ellington’s season would turn out, but I don’t have that. So what we have to do is use the information that we have been afforded and add up all the factors and make the best judgment call that we can. I think if we put all the factors together that Ellington makes a ton of sense to reach out and draft as high as the 10th or 12th RB off of the board.

I also am believing that Ellington could be a real steal if acquired in keeper or dynasty leagues. He is still young and should have plenty of gas left in the tank. Go ahead and make a trade for him while your peers are still down on him. That is how you become successful in just about anything is by acquiring things under the value of what they can become.

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