Throwback Thursday: 1997 All-Star Game

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Welcome back to our Throwback Thursday series, in which we take a look at a classic game and “live tweet” it. Today we went with the 1997 All-Star Game. Let’s get into it.

Box score:


@TaylorBojangles: Gary Vitti had hair?!

@TaylorBojangles: Chris Gatling made an All-Star team? I have so many questions

@jackhaveitall: yo these warmups are wild lol

@TaylorBojangles: Holy crap these Rockets warm-ups are even worse than those awful pajama uniforms

@Matt_Cianfrone: The Western conference reserves were a bit on the uninspiring side but this starting lineup is wonderful.

@TaylorBojangles: Every warm-up is better (worse) than the next!

@Matt_Cianfrone: Chris Webber does not look like he wanted to be there.

@jackhaveitall: omg this hawks warmup

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@TaylorBojangles: So two point guards, two power forwards and a center. This WC All-Star team was waaaaaay ahead of the “positionless basketball” game

First quarter:

@TaylorBojangles: Man I guess Cleveland has never been shy about trying to show off their nondescript skyline in logo form

@Matt_Cianfrone: The NBA should go back to guys wearing their own uniform. And Bill Walton on commentary.

@TaylorBojangles: A couple minutes in and still nobody has scored. All-Star record?

@TaylorBojangles: Man these Sonics uniforms were fire

@jackhaveitall: hey look its the crying guy from twitter

@TaylorBojangles: This Jordan guy hasn’t made a shot. He sucks

@TaylorBojangles: K3MP

@Matt_Cianfrone: K3MP!

@TaylorBojangles: Bill Walton is the reason we’re doing this, right?

@Matt_Cianfrone: I love Bill Walton.

@TaylorBojangles: Not exactly an alley-ooping clinic so far

@jackhaveitall: roundball rock!!!

@TaylorBojangles: Roundball Rock!

@TaylorBojangles: Here’s Ahmad Rashad talking to Wilt Chamberlain. FUN FACT: Ahmad Rashad was born looking exactly the same as he does today

@Matt_Cianfrone:  Ummmm, Penny, you gotta dribble man.

@Matt_Cianfrone: No surprise but it feels like Jordan is taking this more serious than anyone else early on.

@TaylorBojangles: Tom Gugliotta and his barbed wire tattoo just out-fundamental’d C-Webb

@jackhaveitall: lmao is that a barbed wire tattoo gugliotta’s rocking? if so gugliotta confirmed wack

@Matt_Cianfrone: Nothing about this Starbury conversation feels right in 2015.


@TaylorBojangles: …and another blown alley-oop

@TaylorBojangles: Sweet Masters hat, Bill Murray

@jackhaveitall: vin baker! light it up! light it up!

@TaylorBojangles: You can’t tell me David Robinson, Jr. doesn’t grow up to be Russell Wilson

@TaylorBojangles: And here’s Charles Barkley on helium

@TaylorBojangles: Tom Gugli-oughta get more credit for all of these steals

@Matt_Cianfrone: Dr. J looks like an actual doctor with those glasses.

Second quarter:

@Matt_Cianfrone: Eddie Jones was really good. Feels like this gets lost because Kobe followed him as Laker SG.

@jackhaveitall: nba moms sounds really cool is that still a thing? it should still be a thing

@TaylorBojangles: Terrell Brandon’s MVP bid isn’t going so well

@TaylorBojangles: Eddie Jones’ MVP bid is going pretty well

@Matt_Cianfrone: EDDIE JONES TAKEOVER! All-Star games are weird sometimes.

@Matt_Cianfrone: EDDIE JONES LOOKAWAY! This is much more fun than the East’s Vin Baker postups.

@TaylorBojangles: Jordan seems to be making up for lost time here

@TaylorBojangles: DIKEMBE SWAT

@Matt_Cianfrone:  “I would have grabbed it right back and dunked it in his face”-Bill Walton is a national treasure.

@TaylorBojangles: Chris Gatling and his headband are giving me Charlie V flashbacks

@TaylorBojangles: The West is taking it to the East. Weird right?

@jackhaveitall: okay who is this gatling guy? did they have some sort of contest where a fan got to suit up?

@TaylorBojangles: A young Vivek Ranadive saw Penny successfully cherrypicking here and got an idea

@Matt_Cianfrone: SCOTTIE SMASH! He made that move through traffic look way too easy.

@TaylorBojangles: HERE COMES THE EAST (maybe)

@TaylorBojangles: The defense has been surprisingly decent in this game

@Matt_Cianfrone: The West strategy of being terrible at basketball for a while seems less than ideal.

@TaylorBojangles: Ok Jordan’s now #dominating

@TaylorBojangles: AIR JORDAN SMASH

@Matt_Cianfrone: JORDAN SMASH!

@TaylorBojangles: It’s official, the West is tanking

@TaylorBojangles: A 27-5 run by the East after that P3NNY

@jackhaveitall:  lol okay MJ we see you

Third quarter:

@jackhaveitall: vin baker takeover!

@TaylorBojangles: Feels like Vin Baker has 12 dunks tonight

@TaylorBojangles: RIC3 so smooth

@TaylorBojangles: MORE RIC3

@TaylorBojangles: Rice isn’t even touching the rim.

@Matt_Cianfrone: Eddie Jones and Glenn Rice have both taken this game over at points. Weird.

@TaylorBojangles: It’s fun time now #East

@TaylorBojangles: Nothing more exciting than free throws at the All-Star Game

@TaylorBojangles: Glen Rice won’t stop

@TaylorBojangles: DREAM SHAKE

@TaylorBojangles: Can’t blame Stockton for wearing tiny shorts. I’d want to wear less of this terrible Utah mountain design too

@TaylorBojangles: Glen Rice dunk? Didn’t know he was allowed to shoot two-pointers

@jackhaveitall: dave cowens sighting!

@TaylorBojangles: Feels like no West player not named Hakeem has scored in an hour #triplenegative

@Matt_Cianfrone: Point C-Webb was nice. Glenn Rice still cooking, this time with dunks.

@TaylorBojangles: KEMP SMASH

@TaylorBojangles: Gordon Gund is clearly haunted by Jordan murdering the Cavaliers

@TaylorBojangles: Jim Gray just asked Gund if he feels the same emotions, like getting down when the Cavs lose

@TaylorBojangles: As if being blind means Gund can’t comprehend things

@TaylorBojangles: Can totally see why Jim Gray gets the big bucks


Fourth quarter:

@TaylorBojangles: MJ just missed two shots on one possession. Retire already

@Matt_Cianfrone: Mutombo just used the slowest post move I have ever seen.

@jackhaveitall: mutombo got fed up with all those misses he said give me the rock im going to work

@TaylorBojangles: These are the best Jordan shoes ever and you can’t convince me otheriwse

@TaylorBojangles: Schrempf-to-Sprewell was the worst alley-oop in NBA history

@jackhaveitall: worst alley-oop ever

@Matt_Cianfrone: These guys love behind/over the head passes.

@TaylorBojangles: How has no current NBA network bought the rights to “Roundball Rock” yet?

@TaylorBojangles: There’s Kevin Garnett’s first All-Star bucket. Probably his last, too #bust

@TaylorBojangles: The Bulls are 42-6 at the All-Star break? NOT BAD

@Matt_Cianfrone: SPREE SMASH! Payton finally hits the lob he has been searching for all night.

@TaylorBojangles: SPREE SMASH

@TaylorBojangles: Walton just called KG “a wonderfully agreeable young man” without a hint of irony

@TaylorBojangles: “Cyber Snapper”? #NBAAfterDark

@TaylorBojangles: Sprewell can dunk #insight

@Matt_Cianfrone: MJ HISTORY! And he checks right out. Fun moment for MJ.

@TaylorBojangles: MJ is the first ever player to have a triple-double in the All-Star Game? Would’ve never guessed it’d be him!

@jackhaveitall: shoutout to this gatling guy for trying to get his money

@TaylorBojangles: Feels like Gary Payton has played the entire game

@TaylorBojangles: Chris Gatling is having the “2015 Mavs offseason” of All-Star Games so far

@Matt_Cianfrone: East just freezing out Glen Rice here. Wilt clearly paid them off.

@TaylorBojangles: SPREEEEEEEE

@Matt_Cianfrone: SPREE SMASH! That was fun.


@Matt_Cianfrone: I love KG faceguarding Rice so he doesn’t get the record. Such a KG move.

@TaylorBojangles: Most points in a half of an All-Star Game seems like a weird record to care so much about

@Matt_Cianfrone: Wilt is so pissed Rice just broke his record.

@jackhaveitall: when someone breaks your scoring record

wilt /

@TaylorBojangles: Wilt gonna confront Glen in the tunnel postgame