NFL 2015: Ranking each defense from 32-1

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Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports
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Coming into the 2015 NFL season, we know there are going to be some powerhouse defenses. On the flip side, there are going to be some defenses that provide less resistance than wet tissue paper.

It is interesting how as the NFL has become increasingly slanted toward offenses putting up eye-popping numbers, defense has grown in importance. Sure, the New England Patriots have Tom Brady, but that franchise does not win a fourth Super Bowl without Darrelle Revis in the secondary. Brady was the driving force, but the defense was the reason the Patriots finally won another ring.

Meanwhile, the Seattle Seahawks are the epitome of being able to ride a fantastic defense to greatness. Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch are great players, but they would be nothing but hood ornaments if the defense was not constantly keeping Seattle either in the lead or within striking distance. You can’t run the ball, nor can you have a quality play-action game, when you are giving up 30 points per game.

With all of that in mind, let’s rank each of the 32 defenses headed into 2015, based on what we expect to transpire. Turn away, Atlanta.

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