Geno Smith posts selfie on Instagram after breaking jaw (Photo)


Geno Smith is going to miss the next 6-10 weeks with a broken jaw, but that’s not keeping him off social media. 

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The New York Jets are a dumpster fire of a franchise, and the fire just keeps raging hotter and hotter. On Tuesday, the most atypical Jets thing that could ever happen, indeed happened when quarterback Geno Smith broke his jaw after getting into an altercation with a now former teammate.

Smith’s broken jaw and the way he broke it so painfully screams J-E-T-S JETS, JETS, JETS that is almost needs to be included in that rally cry in some way. But while his jaw may be broken and his season more than likely over,  there’s one thing that you can’t stop Geno Smith from doing — Instagramming.

After he broke his jaw, Smith posted a selfie to his Instagram account that borrowed a line from The Terminator to let Jets fans know he’s alright.

Smith is indeed going to be back, but there are so many questions that are stemming from this that’s it’s impossible to try and all comprehend.

Also, it’s not clear if this photo was taken right after the jaw breaking fight or if it was an older picture. Either way, Smith wants Jets fans to know he’s going to be alright — but this whole incident throw his future with the team up in the air. With Ryan Fitzpatrick taking over in his absence and Bryce Petty waiting in the wings as the franchise quarterback of the future, this might be the last stand of Geno Smith in New York.

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