The New York Liberty are bringing Kymora Johnson and her squad to Madison Square Garden

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via @nyliberty on Instagram
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The New York Liberty do a lot of cool things in the community, and it’s not really fair to rank things like community activities, since they’re all fantastic. But it is fair to let everyone know about the cool things they’re doing. Like, for example, their latest plan.

You may have heard about Kymora Johnson and her Charlottesville Cavs in the past few weeks or so. That’s because Kymora got her squad disqualified from a National Travel Basketball Association tournament in South Carolina the other day. What was her offense, exactly? Being a girl.

"Johnson has played with the Charlottesville Cavs for years, and it was her third time participating at the NTBA tournament. But the organization disallowed girls from playing on men’s teams in the tournament this year after parents reportedly complained about girls playing on boy’s teams.NTBA president John Whitley told The Daily Progress that tournament officials waited until right before the semifinal game to disqualify the team because they did not realize Johnson was actually playing in the tournament until someone took a photo of Johnson on the court and complained to the organization.Previously, the NTBA assumed Johnson would just wear a jersey and sit on the bench. “We have no problem with the girls sitting on the bench,” Whitley said."

*Extremely NTBA president voice*

Girls sitting on the bench? Great.

Girls playing basketball? Oh no, absolutely not.

The story has obviously caused a lot of head-scratching and complaints because it is rather outrageous. But thanks to the New York Liberty, Kymora and her squad are getting somewhat of a happy ending. Sure, they didn’t get to win the tournament, but the Liberty are flying them up to New York City to play a game at Madison Square Garden. Not too bad of a consolation prize if you ask me.

"The Cavs will be guests at the Liberty’s game against the Tulsa Shock on Saturday and then play a game of their own against a team from the MSG’s “Basketball in the Boroughs and Beyond” program, a youth basketball initiative. Liberty players and alumni will be on the bench with the teams, and fans who attend the game will be invited to watch Johnson and the Cavs play."

This is just awesome. Shout out to the Liberty for being a top class organization.