Massive fight breaks out at Cowboys-Rams practice (Video)


The St. Louis Rams and Dallas Cowboys had to end practice early thanks to seemingly endless fighting between the two teams. 

When NFL teams hold joint practices, it’s always a risky proposition. It’s the dog days of summer and everyone on the field is either itching to get back to action in the regular season or fighting for their livelihood and a roster spot. That, plus all the naturally elevated testosterone bubbling over, leads to incidents like what we saw on Tuesday at Dallas Cowboys training camp.

The Cowboys were holding joint practice with the St. Louis Rams when not one or two fights broke out but three of them did before practice had to be called off.

Here’s footage of the fight that ended practice and nearly spilled over into the onlooking fans on the sidelines.

Here’s another angle from the fight, which features Dez Bryant flying into action while Jerry Jones just stands in disbelief.

This was apparently the one of three fights that broke out at practice — which is obviously a major problem for being productive in training camp. The last thing the NFL needs is teams fighting like this at joint practices, which sort of raises the question of why they exist in the first place.

Having another team to scrimmage and practice against is a good idea in theory, but this is usually what happens. We saw it happen last week with the Texans and Redskins and now we’re seeing it again. Some teams refuse to hold joint practices, and with footage like this floating around out there, they can’t at all be blamed.

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