Rajon Rondo tours China, still has plenty of fans

via @rajonrondo on Instagram

via @rajonrondo on Instagram

Rajon Rondo was one of the league’s best point guards just a few years ago. Then he tore his ACL, and nothing has gone right for him since. The league has started to pass him by, and his flaws are more evident than ever. His move to Dallas last year was nothing short of a disaster, ending in humiliating fashion as he didn’t even play the final few playoff games.

In the process, Rondo has lost plenty of fans and support. Those who were on the fence about him are now staunch naysayers. The Rondo backlash has left only his most staunch supporters still on his side. But not in China, where Rondo recently went on tour and was showered with love.

The Kings point guard, who has a shoe deal with the Chinese company, ANTA, was over there promoting the company and helping coach camps. Here he is leading some youngsters through a ball-handling drill.

Leading the ball handling warm up at my Anta Control Camp in Wuhan, China! #ANTA #AntaTour2015 #ControlCamp2015

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Throughout his trip, it was evident that while many may have turned their backs on Rondo in the past year, he still has plenty of fans.

#SelfieStick #ANTAtour2015 #China

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They even made Rondo some beautiful #art.

Congrats to Rondo on a successful trip. Hopefully this year he’ll start to prove those doubters wrong and gain back some love stateside.