Wrigley Field fans live tweet evacuation for Tornado Warning


The Cubs-Tigers game was delayed due to a Tornado Warning, and fans stuffed in the bathrooms for safety live tweeted the whole thing.

Sometimes baseball games just can’t carry on during storms, and that was the case during Tuesday night’s Cubs-Tigers game which saw Wrigley Field evacuated due to severe storms that rolled through the area.

Tornado sirens were sounded not long after the game started and torrential rains soaked the field and fans who couldn’t get to safety quick enough. For those fans who were evacuated, it was an experience that varied from the pretty chill to the bizarre and interesting. As is a safety procedure at Wrigley, fans were brought into the bathrooms around the concourse and it made for a less than friendly experience to some.

Fans live tweeted the evacuation, noting that all hell pretty much broke loose from people lighting up what could be their last cigarette to fans being hoarded into the bathrooms.

They say going to Wrigley Field is a once in a lifetime experience — but the Friendly Confines sure has a way of making each experience unique.

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