Dan Snyder and Robert Griffin III get down to hip hop together while bowling (Video)


Dan Snyder and Robert Griffin III had themselves a little bit of a dance party together last year while on a bowling outing

These days, we’re not really sure who in the Washington Redskins organization actually likes having Robert Griffin III around as their franchise quarterback. With reports that he’s conflicted with not only some teammates, but head coach Jay Gruden as well, it’s tough to tell who’s on his side the past year or so.

Well, actually, Redskins owner Dan Snyder may be in the RG III camp. You know how we can tell? When you get down to some hip-hop music together, you’re best buds for sure, right?

Yeah, where you think I’m going with this is exactly where I am headed. TMZ has recently obtained some video from last year that shows Snyder and his quarterback getting down with themselves during a bowling night out. Yes, Dan Snyder and hip-hop dancing is here to save your day, kids.

Whoa, boy. I…I really have no idea what to do with this here. This is a lot to take in, especially since I didn’t wake up this morning expecting to see Dan Snyder getting jiggy with it. Actually, you probably didn’t either yet, here we are.

But, will he be dancing like that if his main man there in the video can’t get it done on the field again?

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