Middle School QB amazingly escapes sack, fires off deep TD pass (Video)


We’re not really sure how this Middle School quarterback pulled this play off, but god bless him he did

Sometimes in the game of football we see some plays pulled off that having you shaking your head immediately after. They make you sit back and wonder how you even saw what you saw in the first place. Now the best part about all of this is that it can happen at any level of football, including the Middle School ranks.

But, what you’re about to see is just absolutely amazing, no matter what level of football you’re watching.

This Blountstown Middle School quarterback might have some of the best instincts of anyone in the entire world, or he’s just a little wizard. I can’t quite figure that all out yet, because I’m too busy watching him somehow escape this sack in the backfield and then somehow fire off this 60-yard touchdown strike.

How in the world did little man pull that off? He was basically dead in the backfield and then…no he wasn’t Plus, that was a nice little toss he got off down the field there. He had to have the awareness after he got up to actually find the open receiver. Heck, there are some NFL quarterbacks that still don’t pull that off from time to time.

Well done!

(h/t SB Nation)

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