Zahra Schreiber makes statement after being released by WWE

Credit: squaredcirclesirens (Twitter)
Credit: squaredcirclesirens (Twitter) /

Zahra Schreiber released her first statement since being fired from WWE for Nazi-support, racism in social media posts

Zahra Schreiber made her debut at an NXT Live show on August 30, coming to the ring as Solomon Crowe’s younger sister and his valet. The next day, she was released from her contract by WWE for past social media posts. These posts included a post featuring a poster with a swastika on her wall, a My Little Pony doll wearing a Nazi armband, and racist comments made regarding Disney’s first African-American princess.

In the week since her firing from WWE, Schreiber—who is also dating WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins—had remained silent. On Monday afternoon, she broke that silence, ironically releasing a statement on Instagram:

Once you get over the irony of the fact that she posted her apology and statement on the very platform that got her in trouble in the first place, her take on the controversy is fascinating.

For one, she defends the posts because of other things that are on her Instagram or in the very pictures that caused her to ultimately be fired. Moreover, while she says she’s not an anti-Semite and that she’s sorry for offending people, she doesn’t apologize for having what she calls “relics” that feature Nazi insignia. Again, that seems a bit off. As does her mention of trying to delete them a long time ago.

Schreiber undoubtedly had to say something, but perhaps there was something else that could have been said. After this first statement, I doubt anyone who had a negative view of her is completely changing their tune.

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