Hockey goalie chugs beer on ice, gets ejected (Video)

Credit: BarstoolU (Instagram)
Credit: BarstoolU (Instagram) /

One college hockey player instantly became a legend after pounding a beer on the ice

Jake Anderson is probably a name that the sports world has never heard before. Unless you are keeping up to date on the club hockey roster at the University of Virginia, the chances are that Jake Anderson has slipped under your radar. However, he just became a sports legend after the sophomore goalie chugged a beer on the ice in the Cavaliers’ game this weekend.

Anderson was having himself a big day as the Cavaliers club team took on VCU, holding a shutout through two periods while his team put seven goals on the scoreboard. Looking to celebrate his accomplishments, his Chi Phi fraternity brothers offered him a beer during a timeout. Anderson politely accepted the offering and then chugged the Keystone Light on the ice behind his net:

Here’s another view of Anderson slamming down a cold one courtesy of Keith Stone:

However legendary pounding a beer during a game may be, Anderson was promptly ejected and Virginia was given a five-minute major penalty. Even with Anderson gone, the Cavaliers still rolled to victory.

To the public’s knowledge, Anderson is still a member of the team after the incident. After all, it is only club sports and not the NHL. If he does wind up being dismissed, though, there are certainly some recreation leagues that would be tailor-made for a man of Anderson’s Keystone-loving disposition.

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