Von Miller hits Alex Smith late after whistle (Video)

In a chippy contest between division rivals, Broncos linebacker Von Miller hit Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith with a cheap shot after the whistle had blown.

In what’s been a physical game between two teams in the AFC West, big hits are being made and there have been plenty of personal fouls to go with them. The most blatant of which came courtesy of Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller.

After the refs stopped a play before it could even begin thanks to what appeared to be someone in the trenches moving, Von Miller blew through the line because someone had moved. He didn’t stop there as the refs blew the whistle.

Miller went ahead and absolutely ran through Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith for a cheap and unnecessary hit.

Miller was penalized and it’s not the first time that the Broncos have racked up personal foul penalties in the game. There hasn’t been much offense in this one and both teams having been getting after the quarterback.

Players have been separated from each other the entire night and everyone wants to beat the opposition badly in this one. Miller let his emotions get the best of him and it cost him as the Chiefs would score not long after in the drive.

Division football is always a fun time.