Dan Bailey grabs DeMarco Murray after huge run (Video)


The Dallas Cowboys are spiraling out of control, and Dan Bailey made one of the most boneheaded plays ever. 

When the Dallas Cowboys came into their game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, it looked like they were going to cruise to a 2-0 record and a nice lead in the NFC East. But once Tony Romo went down with what appears to be a broken collarbone, things started to go downhill in a hurry.

One of the lowest moments of the game came in a combo of bad things for Dallas. The catalyst was a huge run by DeMarco Murray that featured a nasty hurdle of Brandon Carr. But the worst part of the play came when Murray was finished his run on the sidelines and was then grabbed by Dallas kicker Dan Bailey.

You don’t get any fantasy points for that — in fact, you get a 15-yard penalty instead.

This is about how well the Cowboys can expect the rest of the afternoon to go. Romo will be out for at least eight weeks, Dez Bryant is live tweeting the game from home with an injury and the team’s kicker is getting frisky with former players when they make their way onto his side of the field.

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