Referee trips and falls into Kenny Britt’s groin (Video)


Referees need to stay the hell out of the way, but sometimes when they get in the way it’s hilarious. 

NFL fans get all hot and bothered when referees get int he way of the action, and it’s something that we see a lot more often than we’d like to see. But sometimes when officials get in the way, it ends up being absolutely hilarious — which is what we saw in the Redskins-Rams game.

After a Kenny Britt touchdown, the referee in the end zone proceeded to full Keystone Cops in one of the most hilarious sequence of events.

While we tried to all pretend like we’re adults about this and a referee going through this isn’t funny, we were all Homer Simpson on this one.

This is pretty much a close as we can get to a referee version of the butt fumble. Plus, after we saw referees getting taken out by players on the field in savage attacks, it feels good to laugh at them once again for being dopey little doses of humor every Sunday.

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