High school kicker hits ref in face, kick deflects through uprights (Video)

Credit: Marshall Hughes (YouTube)
Credit: Marshall Hughes (YouTube) /

One high school kicker’s extra-point attempt was good with the help of a referee’s face

The preferred trajectory of a field goal or extra-point attempt is straight from the ground under the holder’s touch and directly through the uprights with the help of the kicker’s boot. Midland Lee kicker Luis Arnada took a less traditional route to hitting an extra-point.

Lining up for the point-after, Arnada drilled the kick like a line drive that seemed like it was headed straight ahead and under the goal post. Arnada then got exceptionally fortunate when a referee happened to get his head directly in the path of his kick:

It’s undeniably hilarious that the kick smacks the official right in the face. However, it’s absolutely incredible that Arnada’s attempt managed to deck the ref in the face and then deflect off of the goal post and through the uprights. I’m no scientist, but that seems like it’s near impossible to pull off, even if you’re trying to do it.

With all of the controversy regarding high school football players and referees in the news over the past few weeks, it’s nice to see players and officials working in harmony—even if it wound up being hilarious and incredibly unintentional.

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