Demaryius Thomas fumbles reaching for first down (Video)


Demaryius Thomas lost the football trying to stretch out for a first down, but the Broncos still caught a break

Demaryius Thomas and the Denver Broncos were trying to get another scoring drive underway to start the second half after taking a 14-6 lead over the Detroit Lions to end the first half. However, a little bit of extra effort on the part of Thomas actually cost the Broncos.

Thomas made a catch and was trying to make sure he converted on the first down by stretching his arm out past the marker. In doing so, he was rolled over and the ball popped loose to be recovered by Detroit:

The Lions actually returned the fumble for a touchdown, but Thomas was ruled down by contact on the play. After a review of the play, the ruling was overturned. Despite the turnover, Denver did catch a break because of the original ruling because the Lions were given the ball at the spot of the fumble instead of being awarded six points.

It ultimately didn’t matter, though, as the Lions marched down the short field and were able to find their way into the endzone. They also avoided getting an extra point blocked this time as they went for two, but that failed also to make the score 14-12.

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