Marcus Mariota throws pick-six, whiffs horribly on tackle (Video)

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Marcus Mariota threw an interception and made a terrible attempt at a tackle

Marcus Mariota’s day hasn’t gone swimmingly in the first half as the Tennessee Titans take on the Indianapolis Colts. After not getting much of anything from his offense in the first quarter, he started to put together a drive in the second period. That’s when he threw an interception to Dwight Lowery off of a deflection.

Lowery saw open field up ahead and started to take off towards the goal line. That’s when Mariota saw the opportunity to slow him up and make an attempt to tackle Lowery. Unfortunately for the rookie quarterback, the Titans did not draft him for his tackling ability:

I realize he was pushed slightly, but that looks a lot like Mariota just dove out of the way to avoid being truck-sticked by Lowery. If that’s how much confidence he has in his ability to tackle someone, that may have actually been a good call on the quarterback’s part. Lowrey went on past Mariota’s feeble attempt at a tackle and into the end zone for a pick-six.

Mariota has shown a ton of promise in his first few weeks of NFL action, but he obviously still has things to work on as well. Let’s just hope for his pride’s sake that he never has to attempt another tackle ever again.

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