Uncoordinated MLB fan can’t catch a baseball (Video)

One MLB fan had the worst time ever trying to catch a baseball

The Boston Red Sox are taking on the New York Yankees with less than a week remaining in the 2015 MLB season with the latter trying to hold on to their wild-card spot in the American League while the former is out of the race. Even if the Yankees dropped out of their wild-card post and missed the playoffs, they wouldn’t be failing as bad as one fan in attendance on Tuesday night.

A fan with front-row seats had numerous opportunities to catch some foul balls during the game. One pop-up was coming right at his hands and two grounders hopped right into his grasp. Rather than ending up with three souvenirs, this fan ended up with three separate embarrassing moments:

As if it weren’t bad enough that this guy is doing this on a game being broadcast by ESPN, just look at the woman sitting to his left. She is just straight up laughing at him. That’s so cold, even if it’s probably deserved.

At this point, someone on either the Yankees or Red Sox needs to take pity on this gentleman and softly toss him a baseball at the end of an inning or something. The guy has been through enough pain and loss of dignity for one night.