Fantasy Football: Peyton Manning Or Andy Dalton


Who Do I Start: Peyton Manning Or Andy Dalton?

If you have not been following fantasy football very closely at first glance you might think that I have lost my mind. Even if you have been following fantasy football you can still think that I have lost my mind. Here is what we have to realize though, that fantasy football is very seldom an accurate representation of real football. What I am saying here is that in order to safely say that Andy Dalton might be a better fantasy football starter on a particular week that does not mean that he is in the same echelon of quarterbacks that Peyton Manning is. That is where so many fantasy football players go wrong is with the thought that player A is a better player when there are so many other factors that go into fantasy football.

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Andy Dalton has been one of the hottest quarterbacks in all of football and Peyton Manning has been one of the coldest. Despite a solid second half in week 2 and a decent week 3 performance Peyton Manning is currently sitting at the 16th overall fantasy football QB, while Dalton has been the third overall. Yes you just read that correctly Andy Dalton has been the third overall QB thus far this season while Manning sits at a measly 16 overall. So basically in every week of the season thus far your team would have benefited by having Dalton under center than having Peyton Manning.

The match-ups would tend to say that Dalton will have the easier road to fantasy brilliance as opposed to Manning this week also, but then how do we completely ignore the always start your studs moniker that us fantasy football nerds seem to scream into a megaphone every week. I can tell you as of right now every thing that is in me wants to start Dalton without doing any homework or any research whatsoever.

Peyton Manning has looked pretty bad this year and what’s worse is that he gets a fairly tough match-up in the Minnesota Vikings. They have been pretty tough on opposing fantasy quarterbacks, but the biggest problem for me is just how bad Manning has looked overall this year.

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  • Andy Dalton gets a much easier road this week with a team that has been the friendliest to opposing fantasy quarterbacks, the Kansas City Chiefs. Both of our quarterbacks get to play the game in the confines of their own home stadium so that will be equal, but with the way Dalton has played and the fact that A.J. Green is now in sync with Dalton I am expecting big things from Dalton who could possibly have himself on the QB1 radar over the next few weeks if he is not already.

    I actually find myself leaning to starting Dalton this week even though I may wind up going the “safer” route and playing Peyton Manning. For me what this decision boils down to is how you typically play fantasy sports. Are you more of a conservative player or are you more of a riverboat gambler type of player. If you are the gambling type of player then I would certainly roll Dalton out there and not think twice about it. If you are more of a conservative type of player who would kick their self repeatedly if Peyton Manning out scored Dalton by five points then you are probably best served just sticking with Manning and letting the cards play out as they may. As for this humble writer I am sitting with Manning at the controls for now, but I think I will stick Dalton in at the last-minute.

    As always we thank you for stopping by and wish you fantasy footballers the best of luck!

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