Anthony Barr picks off Peyton Manning, Vikings turn it into a score (Video)


Near the end of the first half, Peyton Manning threw a terrible pick and the Vikings were able to capitalize

The first half was coming to a close on Sunday between the Broncos and the Vikings, and it looked like Peyton Manning and Denver would be taking at least a 13-3 lead into the half. Well, that didn’t turn out to be the case, as one mistake from the Hall of Famer turned around the fortunes for the Vikings.

With about a minute to play in the half, Manning was looking to drive down and maybe get some more points before it was time to head into the locker room. He dropped back and was looking for Andre Caldwell, but instead, he found second-year linebacker Anthony Barr, who picked the ball off and got a somewhat nice return out of it.

That play right there would lead to something that the Vikings really needed at this point —  some more points on the board.

With 12 seconds to go in the half, Teddy Bridgewater would find Mike Wallace in the end zone, cutting the score to 13-10 at the break.

Not really what the Broncos wanted to see happen, but the Vikings surely will take it.

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