Michael Bennett wants Kam Chancellor paid, calls out Paul Allen (Video)


Kam Chancellor proved on Monday night that he should be paid handsomely and Michael Bennett took things a step further

Monday night in the waning moments of the game between the Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions, Seattle defensive back Kam Chancellor showed us all just why he should get paid what he wants. After holding out for a couple weeks, he finally returned to the team and the dividends are already being paid.

After the game on Monday, he got some assistance in letting people know that he should be a rich man from his defensive teammate, Michael Bennett.

As Chancellor was giving his postgame comments to ESPN, Bennett popped right into the camera view and he made it very much known that he wants Kam paid. ‘

Oh, and to take things a huge step further, he called out Seahawks owner Paul Allen.

So, yeah, you think that Chancellor’s teammates don’t think that he should be getting some new, fatter checks?

The Lions were driving to potentially win the game on Monday night when Chancellor knocked the ball right out of Calvin Johnson’s hands before he could hit the end zone. Right then and there, we were all reminded just how valuable this man is.

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