Texans head coach Bill O’Brien gets to meet Rick Ross (Photo)


After we learned how much Bill O’Brien loves Rick Ross not too long ago, the two finally got to meet one another on Thursday night

Thursday night the Houston Texans are taking on the Indianapolis Colts, but for a moment here, we have to forget about football. We need to forget about anything that’s going to happen on the field, because something very important has happened before the festivities do get underway.

You see, Texans head coach Bill O’Brien finally got to meet one of his favorite musical preferences, Rick Ross.

Come on, you have to remember this from HBO’s Hard Knocks, right?

(Warning: Language)

O’Brien loves Rick Ross!

Well, Ross just so happened to be in attendance on Thursday evening for this game and the two got together with one another and probably had a conversation that must have been awesome on so many levels.

Part of me likes to think that these two are just gonna go chill somewhere when the game is over and just see who can drop the most F-Bombs in a 10-minute span or something.

Either way, good for O’Brien getting to meet someone that he obviously admires quite a bit.