Fans at Texans-Colts game brawl through the stands (video)


Two fans at last night’s Houston Texans game decided to take out their frustrations by brawling with each other in the stands.

Last night, the weekly Thursday night football game took place, featuring the Indianapolis Colts defeated the Houston Texans 27-20. The game saw veteran QB Matt Hasselbeck lead the Colts to their second consecutive victory with usual starter Andrew Luck out with injury.

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The Texans haven’t had the greatest season this year. They stand at 1-4 while dealing with every-other-week injuries to RB Arian Foster and former 1st overall pick DE Jadeveon Clowney.

Fans have also had to deal with head coach Bill O’Brien flip-flopping his starting quarterbacks before games and even during them. This was seen last night when he put QB Brian Hoyer in after Ryan Mallet suffered a minor injury that would have allowed him to return. Dealing with O’Brien bouncing back and forth between two quarterbacks must be frustrating if you’re a fan of the Texans.

Then there’s these fans below. The two men that you’ll see in this video brawled through the stands at last night’s game. Could it have been because of O’Brien’s lack of ability to stick with a QB? Possibly. Could they also have been intoxicated and just felt like brawling?

These guys probably suffered a couple of bruises and maybe one of their hurt their ego if they lost this fight but the loser in all this is the fans, who have to deal with a potentially miserable season in Houston.